Why are you wearing a white apron? It is the clothes of doctors – Health Minister Zahid Malek

White apron is the dress of doctors, nurses we have given the prescribed dress should read the dress, white apron cannot be read.

On the sidelines of Comilla Medical College Hospital visit and exchange meeting on September 1st, Health Minister said these things after seeing white aprons on duty nurses during hospital visit.

At this time he said we have given you the prescribed clothes, why are you wearing a white apron?

It is a doctor’s dress. Health Minister Zahid Malek did not listen to the nurses present at the time.

Meanwhile, no statement of any nursing organization was received after his statement.

General nurses say the white apron is a protective device and a symbol of peace and they don’t want any color other than the white apron.

Nurses who have always been harassed in various ways due to wearing white aprons, the latest statement by the health minister said that the level of harassment will increase.

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