The Sri Lankan coach sent a ‘secret signal’ to the field during Bangladesh’s batting

Bangladesh team left after losing against Sri Lanka in Asia Cup. This match was important for both the teams to go to Super Four. Because there was no option for both teams to win. Therefore, Sri Lankan head coach Chris Silverwood and the team’s analyst sent a ‘secret signal’ to stop the Bangladeshi batsmen in such a match. Silverwood spoke to the media after the match about that signal.

Coach Silverwood and the team analyst were sitting in Sri Lanka’s dressing room during Bangladesh’s batting. They kept two clip boards in front of them. Where once ‘2D’ was written and another time ‘D5′ was kept hanging. This secret signal of Silverwood should be known only to those concerned with the Sri Lankan team. But needless to say that the signals were related to the match. Silverwood’s aim was to guide the bowlers.

However, many people did not take it well. The question has arisen, how legal is it to give instructions to the team from outside during the game? Silverwood, however, claims it is natural. According to him, many teams send such secret signals during matches. “It’s not rocket science,” Silverwood said. Advice is given on what exactly the batters should do at that moment to be on strike. Many groups do this now. It is only to inform the captain that this can be done. The captain is not being told how to do it. Just giving some advice to the team

Silverwood used to send secret signals on the field even when he was the coach of England. Then England captain Eoin Morgan also argued for his coach. “It’s not against the spirit of the game at all,” Morgan told Cricinfo. 100% done from within consciousness. This is not unexpected. This is done to get advice in the field.’.

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